Town Twinning Association

In 2006 our friends from Pithiviers composed a song for the Twinning. Here they are singing it on the way back from one of our visits:

The Twinning Song (2006)

Thanks to Marilyn Baker for this ode to the Twinning Association:

Ode to Twinning

We live in Ashby de la Zouch, a little market town
And 50years ago last year a charter was set down
Pithiviers in the Loiret, we were with them to twin
With signatures from both sides, a friendship would begin.
The twinning came about to mend the wounds from all the fighting
We visit them biannually, it really is exciting
Many long-term friendships have grown along the way
Which is what has made the twinning the success it is today
We make a very early start for our trip across "La Mer"
And after 12 or 13 hours, at last, we're nearly there
As the church spire comes into view, journey now completed
We arrive into Pithiviers, and by our friends we're greeted
We have many special memories of our visits over there
Lots of lovely chateaux, and plenty of good cheer
A ride upon a little train to take us round the sights
The weather is delightful, so that just suits us right
So give three cheers for twinning in this anniversary year
Let's remember friends departed, and hold those memories dear
Vive Ashby de la Zouch, Vive Pithiviers, Vive le Jumelage

By Marilyn Baker
August 2011

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