Town Twinning Association

On this page we report our social and fundraising events of the past year with photos and videos.

The Oompah Evening

The Oompah Evening began with a delicious supper of local sausages in soft rolls with onions and baked beans on the side    followed by a choice of Black Forest gateau or apple pie with cream. Everyone brought their own drinks alcoholic or otherwise depending on taste and the fun began.

What's the popular phrase? What happens at the Oompah Night stays at the Oompah Night. Needless to say it was a very entertaining evening with Karl's Bavarian Band providing the music for the competing teams of Berlin and Hamburg to exercise lungs, arms and knees.

Band member Brian, in particular, encouraged unsuspecting audience members - mostly committee members - wonder how that happened? - into various competitions and japes.

During the interval the raffle was drawn with winners choosing from a varied selection of donated prizes.

The fun recommenced and the competition between Berlin and Hamburg intensified but in spite of the best efforts of the team leaders to spur their team to victory Karl declared a draw!!

The evening drew to a close after a short speech of thanks from Margaret. 

Just to say many thanks to all members, friends  and supporters who attended this event and joined in so heartily, especially to everyone who helped in any way with bookings, poster and ticket design, distribution and sale of tickets, planning event menu, shopping, cooking and serving food, preparation and tidying of hall, greeting and door, donating raffle prizes and selling raffle tickets on the night.

Last Night of the Proms at Linton - September 8th

The Last Night of the Proms usually heralds the arrival of Autumn, this year was no exception so sad the glorious Summer evenings couldn't have lasted a little longer.

However the rainy evening did not dampen the spirits of the assembled crowd 34 people in total. We were delighted to welcome some new members and their friends. We were accommodated in a marquee, a gazebo and conservatory to enjoy some delicious canapés, a very varied finger buffet, Eton mess, both raspberry and strawberry, homemade trifle and  a selection of cheese to follow with Pithiviers wine to accompany. Eventually the hardened Promenaders were all in the conservatory to enjoy the WW1 songs included this year to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1. Then followed the finale with lots of flag waving and singing along to Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and our National Anthem.

Many thanks to all who contributed in any way towards to such an enjoyable and successful fundraising evening.

 Afternoon Tea at Osgathorpe - August 19th

The weather has been a real blessing this Summer to enable our Afternoon Tea to be taken outdoors in glorious sunshine. 26 people attended at the home of The Fosters and had the opportunity to just sit, eat and drink and catch up on all the news. Sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and cakes were in plentiful supply as well as tea from the bottomless pot. The generosity of some members who willingly made and prepared the delicious fare made it a successful fund-raiser to help build up the coffers for the next visit in 2020. Thanks to all those who helped and attended.

A Walk in the National Forest

On a warm and sunny Sunday morning, 20th May, a small group of our members gathered at Conkers Waterside for the start of a short circular walk within the New National Forest.  Setting off along the canal towpath we arrived at Moira Furnace to discover the Ashby Canal Festival in full swing with a good number of people in attendance, enjoying some canoeing and other land based activities.  Pressing on towards Donisthorpe we entered the Woodland Park and continued along the Ivanhoe Way before heading back to Waterside.

There we were joined by several other members of the Association and together we sampled a traditional Sunday Roast lunch at the Carvery, enjoying good food and conversation in good company. Many thanks to Elaine and Kay for arranging the event. 

Bits & Bobs

What a pity it was that so few of us were able to take part in the “Bits & Bobs” evening on Friday 27th April at the Congregational Church in Ashby because those who couldn’t make it missed out on a really interesting and enjoyable time.

Del and Bob Neil presented us with a mind-boggling range of some twenty tools, implements and artefacts, which we had to identify and note down. It wasn’t easy! The top score was just 121/2. There were items from all sorts of aspects of life and most of them had us scratching our heads.

We enjoyed a very agreeable buffet supper and glass of wine and the usual raffle was held before the evening came to an end we departed happy and so much the wiser for our encounter with the objects of yesteryear. Many thanks to all who participated.


2018 Panel Games

Once again we indulged in the now regular Panel Games evening on Saturday 24th March at the refurbished “Cottage” now the St. Helen’s Heritage Centre. Elaine and Kay had prepared and adapted the various games for us and just under 30 of us took part in the customary Blue and Red teams.  

Working our way through a variety of TV game shows, including Pointless, A Question of Sport, Countdown and Would I Lie to You the points stacked up and the competition mounted with the victory going finally to the Blue team. At half time there was a break for a supper of Chilli and cakes besides a well-supported raffle. It was especially  good to welcome  both returning and new members to this enjoyable social occasion and thanks go to everyone who organised it and participated. To see a short video of this event click here: 2018 Panel Games

2018 Beetle Drive

Friday 23rd February saw a small select band of us at the Thringstone Community Hall for the Beetle Drive. Three tables of four competed for the honours as the dice rolled furiously and winners and losers from each table migrated up or down as fortune dictated.

Margaret kept us in order and at half time we broke off for an excellent repast of fish and chips from the neighbouring award-winning fish shop and the customary raffle.

With a wide spread of luck and scores the evening concluded with Pat Cort taking away the coveted prize of Pithiviers wine but Ann Shilton, too mitigated any disappointment on receiving a charming photo frame as a booby prize. Many thanks to everyone who took part.


2018 Quiz Night

The annual quiz took place this year on Saturday 13th January at the Ashby Congregational Church. There was an excellent turn out of just under 40 participants and, as usual, the competition was fierce. There were eight teams answering six rounds of ten questions each with a mid time break for a variety of soups, crusty bread and cake and the well-supported raffle was also drawn then. At the end of the evening the scores showed just how close the competition had been but the victory went to “The Flags”, who were awarded the traditional prize of wine from Pithiviers. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the organisation of this successful event and, indeed to all who participated. It was an excellent fund-raiser as well as being a lot of fun!

2017 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on Monday 20th November in the Ivanhoe Social Club. Twenty members attended with Margaret Barnett in the chair, who gave a report of the year’s activities. She thanked fellow officers and Executive Committee members for their support and outlined various social and fundraising events as well as details of the visit to Pithiviers.

Treasurer, Alan Briggs being out of the  country, his annual financial report was distributed and read out confirming the present healthy state of funds. A small increase in subscription rates was agreed for next year. It is £12.50 for individuals and £19.00 for families and groups.

Anne Donegan, the Membership Secretary reported on the current membership position, which has declined somewhat over recent years and is now causing concern for the future. She counselled the need to consider means of recruiting new members.  

Executive Committee

Election of officers and committee members was uncontested. All officers and 8 of 10 committee members are in place leaving 2 vacancies. See "Membership : Committee Members"..  

Constitutional Amendment

A constitutional amendment was proposed by the Executive.  Tony Green put forward an addition requiring the Executive to provide the method of sharing the cost of the visit to Pithiviers prior to the AGM in the year before the visit.  Following considerable discussion, Tony withdrew his amendment, given that the method of calculation would be in the newsletter inviting members to participate in the visit.  The original proposal (“The biennial delegation to Pithiviers must be totally self-financing.  The visit costs must be shared by all those who participate in the visit, whether travelling with the "official" group or independently, in a way agreed by the executive committee” to be added to the final clause in “Section 6. Finance”) was then passed with 16 votes in favour and none against.  

Other Business

David Harris spoke of his success in establishing links between the four Ashby primary schools and Ivanhoe Academy, upon which he was congratulated and Sue Strong asked if the Association had adopted any policies, such as safeguarding, data protection, etc. The Chairman stated we had not but would be prepared to consider any drafts she might submit.  

The Future

Next year’s activities, including the June visit from Pithiviers, are already being planned.  

Click here to see a short video of the AGM: 2017 AGM.

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