Town Twinning Association

On this page we report our social and fundraising events of the past 12 months with photos and videos.

Annual General Meeting - 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Association was held on Monday 25th November at the Ivanhoe Social Club with 17 members in attendance. The Chairman, Margaret Barnett, welcomed all to the meeting and thanked members of the Executive Committee for their hard work during the year.  She spoke of our visit to France in June and thanked all who had been involved and Ashby Town Council for its general support and particularly for supporting our calendar project. She also mentioned arrangements in hand for the Pithiviers visit next year, when we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary. A favourable financial report was submitted by Treasurer, Alan Briggs and Secretary, Elaine Shaw reported on membership, which is an area where we do need to focus for the future. Thanks were expressed to Ivanhoe Social Club for their continued support of the Association in the provision of a free of charge room for committee meetings. Officers and all but one retiring member of the Executive committee agreed to stand again and were duly confirmed. Click here to see a brief video: 2019 - AGM


Another Great Quiz Night

On the evening of Saturday, 26th October we got together once again for a quiz evening at St. Helen’s Heritage Centre. The format was that of another “landmine” quiz, organised by Alan and Jane Briggs and around forty members and friends attended. With 6 rounds of 10 questions each the theme was great cities of the world and the numerous teams of varying size struggled to answer a range of questions carefully crafted to reward the knowledgeable and catch out the unwary particularly in terms of avoiding the ever-present “landmine” inserted into each round, which - if wrongly chosen - could wipe out the score for that round or - if positively identified - would bring vital extra points.

 At the halfway point we broke off for a welcome and tasty supper of sausage and cider salad with a dessert and the traditional raffle was drawn. The quiz then continued until, at the end of the evening a very tight finish finally produced the winning team.
As usual it was a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable evening and thanks are due to Alan and Jane, as well as Margaret and her team for the organisation and catering and, indeed, to everyone who participated.

2019 Afternoon Tea at Osgathorpe

Despite grey skies there was a good turnout for afternoon tea at the home of Joan and Alan Foster. In fact there were plenty of sunny intervals and a party of twenty to thirty members and guests enjoyed a convivial few hours with good company and an alluring variety of sandwiches, scones and cakes, washed down with wine, tea and coffee. As always, our hosts provided a warm welcome in their charming garden and to supply and deliver the goodies, a team of willing helpers to whom we offer our grateful thanks and appreciation for a most pleasant summer afternoon.


2019 Pétanque Competition

Saturday 13th of July saw us at a new location for our annual pétanque competition with over 20 participants. After an enjoyable lunch at the Birch Tree in Coalville four teams began the competition in overcast conditions. This year the winners were “Team Cort”, Pat and Geoff, Jane and Alan Briggs and Wendy. Margaret presented them with the customary prize of  Pithiviers wine. Another pleasant afternoon to celebrate the French fête nationale and encouraging to see so many new members taking part. 

To see a short video click here: 2019 Pétanque

The Biennial Dinner

The venue for  this year's Biennial Dinner was Willesley Park Golf Club. There was a mix of members and guests, catching up with each other before the proceedings began. Peter Wilkinson was the master of ceremonies for the evening. Keith Youles said grace. An enjoyable and substantial 3 course meal with coffee followed. Peter proposed the Loyal Toast. As is tradition at the Biennial Dinner a book was opened at one pound a go to guess how long the Chairman would speak; nearest to win the kitty.

The chairman thanked all officers and members of the committee for their dedication and commitment. She touched on activities and events which had taken place over the last two years, including the hosting of the successful twinning visit by Pithiviers in 2018. She commented that fundraising remains increasingly challenging but praised the loyal core of members who are exceptionally supportive of the Association's fundraising efforts. She mentioned the forthcoming visit when Pithiviers will be celebrating the formation of their twinning committee in 1959. The speech was just over 4 minutes long, the kitty being won by Alan Foster. Anne Donegan proposed the Twinning Toast.

The chairman concluded by offering thanks to Elaine for liaising with the Golf Club, Joan for planning the evening, Winnie for the delightful table flowers, the Golf Club for the venue and enjoyable food, all who played a part in the proceedings and all who attended to make it such an enjoyable and worthwhile evening.

The Skittles Evening

Saturday evening, April 27th saw the return by the Association to the Odd House, Snarestone for a sociable evening gathering for a game of skittles in their traditional alley and a pub meal. Eighteen people assembled and a very fair and equitable way of choosing teams was followed (i,e, whichever side of the long table you were seated on denoted which team you belonged to!) with Karen Underwood and Les Aldrich being team captains. This seemed to work well as the teams won a game each and drew the decider.

The meal was eaten halfway through the proceedings. All agreed it was enjoyable fayre. One or two people even found room for a pudding!

A lively knockout challenge was then played and the overall winner was David Underwood, who was presented by Margaret with the traditional prize of a bottle of Pithiviers wine.

Many thanks to all who supported this evening, to Jane, David and Karen, who kept scores and to all who helped with replacing the skittles.

2019 Panel Games Evening

Saturday 23rd March saw us, once more, indulging in an evening of panel games straight off the television. It has now become a very popular annual event and was again well-attended this year with around 40 participants. The venue was St. Helen’s Heritage Centre and we gathered in three teams of around 12 each: Red, White and (of course) Blue.

The evening kicked off with several teasers in the Pointless vein and was followed by three of our number, Alan Briggs, Sandra Adkin and Tom Redfern, testing their veracity in a round of Would I Lie to You?  We then progressed forward via Countdown, Connections and A Question of Sport judiciously accumulating points towards the end of the evening when the Blue team were pronounced winners. At the half-way mark we broke off for a welcome supper of chilli with crisp, fresh bread and a variety of tasty desserts produced and served by Margaret and her team. Jane then called the raffle prizes.

The evening was a great success, no doubt ensuring its continuation into future years and we are, of course, very grateful to everyone who took part and attended - most especially to Elaine with the assistance of Kay, who took so much trouble to duplicate and adapt these popular TV quizzes.

The Balloon Debate

The Balloon Debate was a "star-studded" evening with an assortment of celebrities who were gathered together in an imaginary hot-air balloon, and each "celebrity" had to give an account of why they should not be tipped out of the balloon-basket from a great height, and at the end we voted which person should remain in the basket.

Marilyn Monroe (aka Wendy) had a headache with all those pills and had her dark glasses on;

Helen Mirren (Margaret ) was elegant and borrowed the Queen's tiara without asking the corgi;

James Bond (Peter) was neither shaken or stirred by his glamorous assistants - after all he is the only "celeb" not "real";

Donald Trump (David Harris) was on usual controversial form;

Donna Summer (Linda) had a sore throat and did not sing a note;

Shirley Bassey (Cynthia) however was on pink sparkling form, and sang  "diamonds are for ever" but had trouble with the mike;

Elvis Presley  (Bruce) was also having trouble with his quiff and his blue-suede shoes, and THE WINNER was Andy Murray (Keith) although not "fighting fit" soon will be!  With the top prize of a  bottle of Pithiviers wine!

However, we kept our feet on the ground with Cottage Pie, red wine and a cake! It was a fun evening.

The January Quiz

Quiz evenings have always been popular with our membership and Saturday 19th January, our first social and fund-raising event of 2019, was no exception. Indeed it must have been up there in the record charts with an attendance very close to 50 people. Not only that but we were delighted to see a whole lot of new faces as well as the welcome “regulars”.

This year the questions were set by Jane and Alan Briggs, who offered us a startling new formula! This consisted of 7 rounds of 10 questions each based on a colour of the rainbow and with multiple choice answers. The twist was that each round contained one answer, which was not merely wrong - but impossible. Correctly identifying this “land mine” earned an extra two points. However offering it as a legitimate answer reduced the score for that entire round to zero! This certainly evened up the odds more than a little and, with around eight teams taking part, made for an exciting evening.

At half time we broke for an excellent supper of various soups, followed by different desserts and the raffle prizes were drawn. The final result of the quiz was very close and even the booby prize was awarded and received in good spirit thus getting our 2019 events off to a most enjoyable start.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and especially to those who organised the evening, prepared the questions, the food and ran the raffle to ensure we all had a good time as well as swelling the Twinning coffers.


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