Town Twinning Association

The purpose of this page is to keep members up-to-date with news of activities likely to interest them and news of other members.


Next Executive Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the Association will be the Annual General Meeting at 19.30 on Monday 26th November, 2018 at the Ivanhoe Club, Wilfred Place, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

Future Executive Committee Meetings

8th October  26th November - AGM

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at 1930 hrs on Monday 20th November 2017 at Ivanhoe Social Club, Wilfred Place, Ashby


Sandra Adkin, Julian Baker and Susan Strong, Margaret Barnett (Chairman), Linda Brown, Geoff  and Pat Cort, Anne Donegan (Membership Secretary),  Joan Foster (Vice Chairman), Chris and Tony Green, David Harris, Pat and Bob Hurd, Colleen & Joe Shaw, Elaine Shaw (Secretary), Ann Thompson, Peter Wilkinson, Carole Youles

2.Apologies for Absence

Alan Briggs (Treasurer) and Jane Boyer, David Adkin, Marilyn and Les Aldrich, Alan Foster, Nita Pratt, Mary Tuckey, Joyce Weir, Keith Youles

3.Minutes of the 2016 AGM

These had been circulated to members in advance of the meeting.  Joan Foster proposed, David Harris seconded and the meeting agreed to their adoption as a true and accurate report. 

4.Matters Arising from the 2016 AGM Minutes

There were none

5.Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported that the visit to Pithiviers in June was successful. Travel arrangements with Roberts Coaches went to plan and the visits in France (to mushroom caves and “France in Miniature”) were enjoyable.  Town Mayor, Jim Hoult, and Town Clerk, Jack Fargher, attended the Civic Reception.   The year had seen the loss of life member and former secretary, Rosemary Tyldesley. Funds are
in a healthy position – thanks to all members who support our fund-raising events.   She thanked all committee members who work
tirelessly for the benefit of the Association and its members and particularly Sandra Adkin who is standing down from leading the Social Sub-Committee to look after David as he recovers from illness.


6.1  Treasurer’s Report

In the Treasurer’s absence, the Chairman presented the accounts. Due to an increase in the number of travellers on the June visit
at the last minute, a refund had been made to all travellers, although the final distribution of the refunds had not been able to be achieved within the financial year so the y.e. Aug 2017 finances look healthier than they should – as the refund will come out of the y.e. Aug 2018 accounts.  Total funds were £7908.32 at the year end of which £502 has been refunded to those participating in the visit.     After deducting the refunds, our financial position is £2240.44 better than at the same time last year.

The accounts had been audited by Ian Silcock FCA.  There were no questions relating to the accounts.

Joan Foster proposed, Ann Thompson seconded and the meeting agreed to adopt the accounts.

6.2  Appointment of Auditor

It was proposed by the Ann Thompson, seconded by the David Harrison and agreed by the meeting that we re-appoint Ian Silcock as


The Membership Secretary advised that our currently paid-up membership stands at:-

14 families      17 singles       3 juniors         1 group           3 honorary life memberships

She confirmed that she believed that the outstanding memberships from previous year are still likely to be paid. She closed by indicating that we need to consider marketing action to generate some new members.    

8.Constitutional Amendment

A constitutional amendment had been proposed by the Executive and circulated to all members.  Member Tony Green had put forward an addition to the Executive’s proposal requiring the Executive Committee provide an outline of the method of dividing the costs of the visit to Pithiviers prior to the AGM in the year before the visit.  After considerable discussion, Tony withdrew his amendment on the basis of confirmation that the method of calculating the costs would be included in the newsletter when inviting members to participate in the visit.  As the counter-proposal was withdrawn the original proposal (“The biennial delegation to Pithiviers must be totally self-financing.  The visit costs must be shared by all those who participate in the visit, whether travelling with the "official" group or independently, in a way agreed by the executive committee” to be added to the final clause in “Section 6. Finance”) was voted on with 16 votes in favour and none against.

9.Annual Subscription Rate w.e.f. 1st September 2018

The Executive proposed a small increase in membership fees of 50p for single members and £1 for families and groups.  This brings membership fees to £12.50 for singles, £19 for families and groups.  There was no proposal to change the rate for juniors so that will remain at £1.  These rates to be applicable from 1st September 2018.

10.Election of Officers and Committee

As stated in the constitution, elections only take place in the event of more nominations being received by the deadline for any officer or committee places.  In the light of there being only one nomination per officer, and less nominations than places available on the Executive Committee, no elections were triggered.  The following members were therefore duly elected.

Officers: Chairman – Margaret Barnett  Vice Chairman – Joan Foster  Secretary - Elaine Shaw  Treasurer – Alan Briggs

Membership Secretary -Anne Donegan

General Committee: Les Aldrich  Linda Brown  Geoff Cort  Wendy Fry  David Harris  Ann Shilton  Peter Wilkinson

11.  Any Other Business

11.1 School Links – David Harris confirmed that four primary schools and the Ivanhoe College have links with schools in Pithiviers.  It is understood that students of St Gregoire are considering coming to Ashby during the Easter holidays 2018.  David had visited several English teachers at Pithiviers schools during the visit in June

11.2 Susan Strong asked if the Association has any policies (e.g. Safeguarding, Data Protection) – it was confirmed that currently we do
not but the Chairman agreed that the Executive would consider some if Susan wanted to send drafts for consideration.

11.3 Visit of Pithiviers Students – Elaine Shaw advised that Aimée Hannequin’s grand-daughter and boyfriend are wanting to come to England for six weeks next summer in order to improve their English.  They are willing to work for pay or volunteer during their visit.  In answer to a question Elaine confirmed that she thought it acceptable that their total visit could involve spending one or two weeks in each of several homes in order to give them variety.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 20.30  hrs with members being invited to purchase a drink from the bar and enjoy the nibbles provided.

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